Product Desig



👋  Oh, hello! I'm Sharon Brener, a product designer and Austin native.

I'm most driven when I'm working with early-stage startups, partnering with biz and tech leads to define the product direction.

That's how I spend my time at, and what I did for the previous two and a half years at Wikibuy

Before that, I honed my enterprise software skills building dashboards and data visualizations at CA Technologies. And before that, I earned my stripes at PentagramWashington University in St. Louis, and a gaggle of design internships.

When I'm not working, I love making a mess of my kitchen, exploring Austin's hidden trails, and fermenting all the things and making personal projects by hand.

My freelance work has included books, brands, solving UI/UX problems, and I've got some packaging and AR experiences in the works. Stay tuned for those wildly tasty rides.

I rarely post on Dribbble, Instagram, or Twitter, but I do keep my LinkedIn and resume (reasonably) up to date.

I also check my email obsessively, so don't be shy.